New photos of Llandudno Weekend – professional photographer Paul Sampsons’ shots of the Jollies and New Follies

We had a lovely time by the side of the silvery sea in Llandudno this September! As part of a heritage lottery funded project, in collaboration with Venue Cymru, Promenade Promotions created a new pierrot troupe in honour of Will Catlin, the self-styled ‘King of Pierrots’, who toured pierrots throughout the country from 1894 until he died in 1953: the new troupe is called “The New Follies”, – featuring Uncle Tacko!, Mr Macko, Zampanella, Bunny & ‘Boyo’. We were joined for a weekend of frivolities by our North Wales youth troupe – “The Jollies”. There is also the largest exhibition about pierrots & concert parties ever to have been shown in Britain, which is in the foyers of Venue Cymru until January. The photographs here were all taken by Paul Sampson It was a grand time and we hope to be back there again for more seaside silliness in the coming year. A huge thank you to all involved

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