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the national resource & archive for pierrot troupes and concert parties.

This website is a national resource for all information relating to pierrot troupes, concert parties and minstrel troupes of the British seaside. It uses the archive, research work and practice of Tony Lidington (AKA Uncle Tacko!) as the principal resource, as well as a range of other archives and collections.

  • Here you can find-out about the history of pierrot troupes, as well as archives of particular troupes, individuals and resorts.
  • There are academic articles, exhibitions, broadcasts and research projects about the subject, giving a wide overview of the developments in seaside entertainments over the last 200 years.
  • There are sections on contemporary community and research projects and in particular ‘The Pierrotters’ – the last fully-professional seaside pierrot troupe which performed continuously from 1983 until 2010.

Dr Tony Lidington has been researching the subject for over 35 years and this is the first time that this material has ever been collated and digitised for open access.


Book The New Follies

The New Follies are a new, professional, acoustic seaside pierrot troupe.
The only professional seaside Pierrot troupe performing in Britain today!

Dr Tony Lidington Graduation

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Dr Tony Lidington (Uncle Tacko!) is the country’s leading authority on the history of seaside Pierrot troupes & concert parties. Tony regularly presents illustrated talks and workshops


Book the Exhibition

Currently there are 3 available exhibitions: 1. ‘The History of Seaside Entertainment’ 2. ‘From Agincourt to Afghanistan’ 3. ‘The Seaside Mutoscope’

Happy Valley Entertainers 1924
Happy Valley Entertainers 1924

Archives in use:
Dr. Tony Lidington
Max Tyler
John Pertwee
Michael Rouse
Alan Upton
Clacton & District Local History Society
Llandudno Museum Services
University of Exeter archives, special collections

If you have archives, photos, oral history stories then use this form to contact us; we’d love to hear from you!

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In the Summer of 2018,  ‘The New Follies’ & the youth group ‘The Jollies’ performed on Llandudno seafront,  Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th September 2018.

Seaside Follies can run a project like this at your seaside resort!

See the photos & read all about it here

Available to book now for the Summer Season!

The Imaginarium, the mighty Dom-Tink!, the Tinglary, Uncle Tacko’s Flea Circus, The Raree Man PeepshowUncle Tacko! & Captain Ginger.
Illustrated Public Talks – Seaside Entertainment, Pantomime, Pre-Cinema, Victorian and Edwardian Entertainments.
Workshops – Puppetry, Street Theatre and Slapstick

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This is another lovely little item on ITV News South West about the Grand Pier sentry box that we have revamped in Teignmouth... the worlds of seaside and peepshows combined! This has been a complex community partnership between Prom-Prom, Devon County Council, the Grand Pier, Teignbridge District Council, Teignmouth Town Council, Teignmouth Heritage Museum and a range of visual artists - the result being a permanent and delightful contribution to the fabric of Teignmouth seafront, which is free and accessible to all! We are there regularly each Monday and Tuesday throughout the summer, animating the promenade with shows, games and walkabout family fun... see you down there, I hope. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Here's a thing - Routledge have started promoting my new pierrot book, so do take advantage of this offer whilst it lasts! There's more information here: www.routledge.com/Dont-Forget-The-Pierrots-The-Complete-History-of-British-Pierrot/Lidington/p/bo... ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

Here is a list of our summer activities over the next month or so - do come along if you can and join-in the fun - we'd love to see you there!Summer dates for Uncle Tacko & Prom-Prom...JulyFriday 29th Exeter Quayside Saturday 30th Cathedral Green Sunday 31st Anran Festival AugustMonday 1st Teignmouth promenadeTuesday 2nd Teignmouth promenadeWednesday 3rd Torbay (banjo area)Thursday 4th Dawlish LawnFriday 5th Exeter Quayside Transit ShedSaturday 6th Cardiff TBCSunday 7th Cardiff TBCMonday 8th Teignmouth promenadeTuesday 9th Teignmouth promenadeWednesday 10th Torbay (banjo area)Thursday 11th Dawlish LawnFriday 12th Exeter Quayside Transit Shed Saturday 13th Knightshayes Sunday 14th TBCMonday 15th Teignmouth promenadeTuesday 16th Teignmouth promenade Wednesday 17th Torbay (banjo area)Thursday 18th TBCFriday 19th Exeter Quayside Transit Shed (evening - Dawlish Carnival)Saturday 20th TBCSunday 21st KingsbridgeMonday 22nd Teignmouth promenadeTuesday 23rd Teignmouth promenadeWednesday 24th Torbay (banjo area)Thursday 25th TBCFriday 26th Exeter Quayside Transit ShedSaturday 27th Exeter Street Arts Festival TBCSunday 28th TBCMonday 29th TBCTuesday 30th Teignmouth promenade Wednesday 31st Teignmouth promenadeSeptemberThursday 1st Dawlish LawnFriday 2nd Exeter Quayside Transit ShedSaturday 3rd RAF Brize Norton ... See MoreSee Less
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