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Pierrot Troupes in Llandudno

A list of pierrot troupes and concert parties performing in Llandudno 1902-1938

There were certainly many more troupes who played Llandudno than are listed here and there would always be more than one troupe performing in any one season!

Happy Valley

Perry & Allen’s Minstrels, a company unusual at the time for performing white face.
Churchill’s Minstrels on the other hand, a company formed by a member of the Perry and Allen group after the death of Joseph Perry in 1904, performed in the more usual black face.
Perry & Allan’s Happy Valley Minstrels 1904-1906 (white face minstrels)
Churchill’s Minstrels 1907-1909
Happy Valley Minstrels 1902-1912
J Codman’s Entertainers (minstrels) 1920
Harry Korris’ Happy Valley Entertainers 1924
Charles Wade’s Concord Follies (Happy Valley) 1925-1950
Happy Valley Concert Party 1932?

Elsewhere in Llandudno

Scarlet Merrions 1908

Busy Bees – Leo Bliss 1910

Chas Beanland’s Frills & Fancies 1920

Bert Grapho’s Jovial Follies 1923

Roy Cowl’s Queeries 1930

Revellers Concert Party 1931/1932

George Royle’s Folde Rols in the Pier Pavilion 1936

The Great Orme Pierrots

Revill Hall’s Entertainers

Happy Valley Revels

Clarkson Rose’s Twinkle

Arthur Sutcliffe’s Entertainers

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