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The Exhibition


This exhibition is the culmination of a year’s work researching the history and context of seaside pierrot troupes and concert parties in Llandudno. We have worked alongside Venue Cymru, Bangor University, local archives, museums and historians, as well as regional professional and emerging artists, to explore the history and practice of the seaside pierrot troupes and in the process, developing the research & performance skills of the participants.

This exhibition is an amalgamation of their research and that of Dr Tony Lidington from ‘Promenade Promotions’.

Tony has spent 35 years collecting information and artefacts about British pierrot troupes & concert parties. He is the leading academic authority on the subject, as well as performing for 27 years as The Reverend Uncle Tacko! of ‘The Pierrotters’ – the last professional seaside pierrot troupe, which he founded in 1983.

This exhibition is a tribute to the 100 years of British seaside entertainment represented by the pierrots.

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Reviving the Pierrots
The History of the Seaside
History of the Seaside continued

Black-faced minstrels to white-faced pierrots

Performance & Material

Costume & make-up


1st World War Pierrots & Concert Parties

Between the Wars

2nd World War Concert Parties and ENSA

Stars in Battledress

The Pierrots and Concert Parties Evolve

Pierrot Connections

Pierrots in the modern age

The Pierrots and Beyond

Will Catlin – King of Pierrots

Will Catlin – the later years

A list of non-Catlin pierrot troupes & concert parties in Llandudno 1902-1938

Welsh Troupes 1902-1939 (excl. Llandudno)

Seaside Follies

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