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“Blackface” performance
A statement about blackface performance. “Racism is abhorrent and has no place in society: the issue of blackface performance in ...
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The New Follies video
The New Follies A short promotional video cut from video taken in Llandudno, September 2018. The New Follies are ...
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Edward Pare
Edward Pare – ‘Royal Magnets’, Barmouth 1920-1924.
Edward Parc who ran the ‘Royal Magnets’ in Barmouth 1920-1924. The attached images were sent to me for the website: ...
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The 125 Show – West Cliff Theatre, Clacton-on-Sea
125th anniversary celebrations for West Cliff Theatre, Clacton-on-Sea Sunday 12th May 2019 at 6pm. Tony is working with Bunny (Katie ...
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Worthing Museum brochure-image
Barking, Booths and Bottlers: Sussex seashore entertainers between the two World War
Barking, Booths and Bottlers: Sussex seashore entertainers between the two World War Exhibition opens at Worthing Museum on Sunday 21st July ...
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Great Fete Uncle-Tacko-pointing-at-you
Seaside Follies website updated with Archives and Project information
We’ve updated this website with information from the website – the Art of British popular Entertainment. More Archive material ...
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New photos of Llandudno Weekend – professional photographer Paul Sampsons’ shots of the Jollies and New Follies
We had a lovely time by the side of the silvery sea in Llandudno this September! As part of a ...
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New Follies Zampanella-the-voice-phenomenal-(photo-Paul-Sampson)
1st Photo from Paul Sampson – Zampenella, the voice phenomenal
Zampanella – The Voice Phenomenal. One of the characters in the New Follies Pierrot Troupe, at the Llandudno promenade bandstand ...
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Exhibition is open at Catlin’s Cafe @ Venue Cymru
The exhibition ran until 13th Jan 2019. It is available for use elsewhere. Just contact us! In Catlin’s Cafe at ...
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Follies-at the site of the old performance stage Happy Valley
Happy Valley Llandudno – the New Follies visit the site of pierrots’ stage and venue
Happy Valley Llandudno was the performance space used by several pierrot and concert party troupes for decades, drawing audiences in ...
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The flea circus gets a nice nod in this track about a fine Torquay Festival from last year... thanks to Mr Nankypanky for sharing his delightful silliness. ... See MoreSee Less

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