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Madeline Rossiter

The only black female concert party performer and leader from this period: she had her own troupe and also performed with The Strolling Players and the Fol de Rols.

Madeline Rossiter
Madeline Rossiter

“Singer, dancer, song-writer, violinist, actress.
The daughter of a well-known British concert performer, Madeline Rossiter first toured Australia in 1914 as a member of the Royal Strollers (with Sydney James). She returned to Australia in 1919 following James’ death in the East and was later associated with the Town Topics, the Famous Diggers, Tivoli Frolics and the English Pierrots. A number of her songs were also published in Australia during the 1920s. Rossiter left Australia for the East in 1925 and soon afterwards formed her own musical comedy company.
“On the Promenade” (1913) by Madeline Rossiter [NLA Digital Collection, Sheet Music]
“I Cannot Forget” (ca. 1910s) by Madeline Rossiter [NLA Digital Collection, Sheet Music]
“Josie” (1923) by Madeline Rossiter/Oswald Anderson [NLA Digital Collection, Sheet Music]

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